Help: I Don't Want to be Poor

I see poor as a situation of poverty and as a young person, i need to reject this act of poverty with some little steps of financial freedom which i will like you to let you know. Every one want to make money either in business, salary jobs or online work, but is the money really sufficient in spending ? The reason i don't want to be poor is to enjoy the later part of my life with joy and happiness while i earn more money offline or earn online.

In order not to be poor, am planning some success steps which i believe may later result to wealthy life and some extra income for me. I really love to learn more ideas on how to earn money, make more money and even while i sleep, i should be making money. Here are few steps am making in order not to end a poor individual;

   My Steps to Avoiding Poverty

1. I work very hard to earn more money but is hard work really enough to be successful?
2. I seek more knowledge on how to avoid poverty.
3. I associate myself with rich people and highly place business mogul to learn their success secret.
4. I'm planning to own a small business and run it perfectly still keep my day job.
5. I save my extra money
6. I invest online and offline.
7. I don't gamble.
8. I don't do fraud or even think about defrauding people.
9. I make the internet my friend to extract some of its opportunities.
10. I don't really waste money on expensive things.
11. I trying to build a solid brand for myself.
12. I'm not materialistic and greedy but to plan for the future.
13. I work smart, blog, assist people which is making me discover myself greatly.
14. I stay positive in thinking .
15. I seek financial advice from banks and some cooperative institution.

All these steps are what am currently doing to ensure a good financial freedom for myself in the near future. I may not be so rich  and wasteful now but i just don't want to be poor. I want to be rich, i want to make money, i want to assist the less privileged and also make sure the world is a better place for you and me.

Please am i on the right track of becoming rich, making extra money and leaving poverty? You can contribute to this simply by dropping a comment below and let learn from you. Thanks


  1. I doubt if money can buy ma love, anyway.

  2. Hardwork, prayer and direction works great for wealth and financial freedom

  3. Thanks for commenting on dis topic

  4. It pays more to be rich than to be poor but remember möey-making has rules. If u play by these laws u live happy ever after and leave a good legacy behind with goodwill

  5. Thanks sir, for the comment. I really want be rich, thats y i see advice...learnt somtin now which is the rules of money making


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