Happy Birthday to Google

The biggest search engine in the world as well as the number 1 website in the world celebrate its 14th year of existence by making a nice chocolate birthday cake as the homepage. Google's birthday reminds me of the benefit since i started using and its role in my business.

In 14yrs of existence, Google has proven to the world that its the best. Google provides avenue for interaction amongst it members by providing G plus. Also, it provide avenue for users to make money with Adsense, Advert product etc. See below the list of some of Google product that may benefit your business or you;

1. Google Adsense.
2. Google Adwords.
3. Google Maps.
4. Google Translate.
5. Google Search.
6. Google Images.
7. Gmail.
8. Youtube.
9. Google calender.
10. Google plus.

Just too many to be mentioned, checking some of this list and many more program that enable users to earn money with them makes it possible for many people to wish Google the best and also to make some of their product more user friendly. Why not drop a comment below to wish Google the best as it moves ahead in it operation. Thanks.


  1. in 14yrs, google has become so strong and powerful search engine, that nice

  2. you need to add blogger because that also a good google program for free website

  3. 14 years of Google and they have come a long way and will be bigger due to their innovations.

  4. I wonder the kind of brains and software designers working for big Google. Those guys are turning guru and they wanna rule the internet...Happy birthday Google

  5. Happy birthday Google, thanks Im earning from you lol

  6. Happy Birthday Google, because of you, blogging was introduced to me and I love your service although I hate your adsense...lol...

  7. Google u are great. Hurray. Happy birthday. Why not assist to appeal to clickbank to lift her ban on Nigerian/other countries using ure product Google Adwords. Please not all is bad.

  8. In 14yrs, so much achievements


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