Facebook ads vs Nairaland ads: Which is Better ?

Recently, Facebook announced that its has over 1billion active users and according to Alexa, Facebook moved to number one (1) spot ranking more than Google. While Nairaland which recently rank number (1) in Nigeria according to Alexa and other traffic site claims Nairaland is the most visited site in Nigeria. Both site are the best for promoting a business.

With over a billion users, a product or service can easily get traffic from Facebook program like Facebook page, groups, paid adverts etc. The fact remains that Facebook traffic is great which may yield high money making ideas from Facebook, while Nairaland has million views with thousands of impression but as much as Facebook.

Nairaland or Facebook

1. Facebook paid ads involves the use of credit card, Paypal or international bank account while Nairaland need no such but a direct bank payment.
2. Nairaland ads are targeted i.e can be easily seen and purchased by Nigerians.
3. Nairaland assured its advertiser a particular stats of views on pc or mobile traffic.
4. The fear of rejection of credit card or advert is likely to occur with Facebook but not likely on Nairaland.

Really, Facebook can't be compared with Nairaland but when its come to selling local items, crafts,paid  services, i think advertising with Nairaland is also worth it. Niarland may be the best to promote your business locally because its targeted while Facebook is the best for globally promotion.

If you see your country man doing something great and wonderful, please let embrace it, let promote it because someday, you as a promoter or site owner will also be the best. Please feel free to add the website that is popular in your country and let learn from you. I choose Nairaland and Facebook because these are the best site for business promotion in my country.

If you are still thinking to pick the best advert for your business between Facebook and Nairaland, then this is a sidel review for you. Thanks.


  1. nyc post nairaland remains the best in 9ja. nyc analytics

  2. I think with d way fb is going now,we Nigerian just have to patronise nairaland cos its more targeted
    Very soo posting status update is gona be monetised on facebook.Nice analysis from you bro

  3. This post is interesting, a boss advertise his car business on nairaland, he got 600,000 clicks, 3 sales... Which is very good for him. So i believe if the product of site is in naija, then nairaland is safe and reliable.

  4. Very nice information shared by you. I was just searching this type of information and luckily I got it from your blog. I like your blog also. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks, am very grateful for your comment


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