Can Money Buy Happiness ?

Happiness which i believe is a feeling but have different meaning to different people. I work to make money online and offline, i don't want to be poor and am happy with the way am earning money. I could use my money to buy latest cars, houses, estate, laptops and phones which at times make me happy. But sometimes ago, i begin to think does mean am happy struggling to get so much money?

Types of Happiness Money can Buy 

1. Money can buy cars
2. Money can buy houses.
3. Money can buy expensive cloths and shoes.
4. Money can buy good health.
5. Money can help get good education
6. Money can buy food

7. Money can buy love
8. Money can buy companion
9. Money can buy some bad friends
10. Money can buy fun

But sometimes, i wonder if money can buy good friends, real love, contentment in life, good children and many more. I may not know your own happiness but surely i believe money can only buy a little and not the joy we really need. Hence, when there is lack of money or the earnings is too low then it can make one to be unhappy. 

So can money buy happiness? let see your comment below and we will be ready to learn from you. Thanks


  1. money can't buy happiness, but it can buy satisfaction

  2. Yes, satisfaction is what money can buy but what about those big houses, phone, goood health care etc. May be tempting to say money can buy happiness but really money cant buy love

  3. @greenhouse, i saw ur comment on ma mail and i really appreciate but couldn't post it cuz ma spam blocker identifies it as spam..thanks for your observation


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