3 Tree-like Kinds of People

This post is just a reflection in category of people in your life simply described in a tree-like form.This people may be your friends, family, colleagues, employees or whomever but surely each and every one of them are place in a tree form. please enjoy this post as your read on.

1.Leave People : These are the kind of people in your life who are just there like a leave, you can't depend on them for ideas or money because they are weak and are only gaining from you. They are there to enjoy your nutrient and take anything and everything they need to survive, once it get cold or maybe they see you as a failure then they are out just as leave falls off a tree when there is no more water. That is just what they are and there nothing you can do because they are part of you.

2. Branch People : This kind of people are just like the branch of a tree because they are more stronger than a leave which means they are not affected by any flimsy excuse. They are not dependable because they can cut when the storm is near, when you need them in the time of trouble or storm, you won't see them. That is what they are and you can do without them.

3. Root People : Since the root of a tree determines its success, it weight, it rigidity and its source of strength, the root people which may be friends or acquaintance are there to help you grow, to make you work hard, to make you successful, to give you healthy life, to make you stand, feed you with nutrient and water and stand by you when the storm comes. That is what there because you can't do without them.

This kinds of people are part of you, because you can't cut them or avoid them but to live with them, enjoy their benefit even if its small. The only thing you can do is to pray and believe in yourself and never to relent on people for help. Don't see yourself as a failure but believe in yourself, work hard, make the internet your friend because of it advantages with time success will be yours and you will be happy than ever. Please don't forget to drop your comment and  let learn from you. Thanks


  1. Good ariticle on the kind of people in life but i will like to have the root people around me.


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