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Many people write or blog for many reasons which ranges from product advertizing, article promotion, making money, expression of feelings, information dissemination and many more. Few hours back, someone ask " what can i blog " and my responds was the same thing am writing as a post now just for my readers to learn and find interesting when it comes to choosing what to blog. See essential tips for a new blogger.

For you to start blogging, you must choose the type blog you want and find very easy to write on. It may be a personal blog or business blog.You know that a personal blog will deal with more of personal experience, area of expert, gist, new information or happenings around you while the business blog will be for the purpose of making money, advertising a product or engaging in some referral link practice just to make profit.

Now the list below is just a brief areas of some trending niche which a one or new blogger can pick and start to blog. Always remember that picking a niche needs your attention, your best and the area you like.Check this trending areas and see if you will like to blog on them.

  1. Health blog
  2. Arsenal or Man united blog
  3. Christian blog
  4. Education blog
  5. Food and Entertainment blog
  6. Money making blog
  7. craft blog
  8. Give away
  9. Online degree or online jobs
  10. Books blog
  11. Travel blog
  12. Real estate blog
  13. Investment blog
  14. Soccer blog
  15. News blog
  16. Soccer blog 
  17. Technology
These are trending and latest areas where someone can write or blog about, which mean you need not think about what you want to write or blog about. For those who still have their own topic or area of blogging, then feel free to drop your comment below and let learn from your own view. Thanks.


  1. I just like this because, i've been thinking on some good areas i can blog about..thanks for this

  2. Thanks i think the news tech really trending now.


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