How to make money online

I see many questions about making money online on different forum and blogs and i see reason to give my own trusted and best ways to earn money online just as others do. Making money online requires no special skills but just your computer and internet. You only need your skills, put your skills into practice and work online. But you need to have any good online payment method like paypal, liberty reserve, payza, payoneer, moneybooker, 2checkout, online bank account to receive your money etc
make money online

Here are different ways to make money online and some legitimate site you can use 

1. Online writing : you can earn money online by writing articles online for some good website to get paid.Your writing must be on original, unique content and high level of creativity.Site which offers such services are triond, ezinearticles, hubpages, squidoo, e-articles etc you can google more of this.

2. Blogging : blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but definitely a good way to make money online.start blogging by choosing a niche you are good at, get a platform which can be either wordpress or blogger, follow some essential tips a new blogger needs to know and after a while you can now integrate some cpc program like google adsense, addynamo, chitka, infolinks etc all these program can make you earn money.

3. Affiliate Marketing : this is a program that allow you to earn some cash by picking a product and selling on behalf of the owner.A good affiliate money making program is clickbank, ebay and amazon. They have a good marketplace for online buying and selling.You can start with clickbank when you sign up, pick a product and advertise.The revenue sharing formula will be shared based on percentage.

4. Answering Questions : you can decide to make money online by answering questions online.There are sites that allow you to register as a solver or tutor with them.You just need to register and start recieving jobs online, get them done and at the end you will get paid.Examples include webanswers, justanswers, For full info about this read how to make money answering questions online.

5. Selling pics : you can make money by selling some of your beautiful pictures originally owned by you.Sites such as turbosquid, dreamstime, istockphoto, photobucket are where you can upload your pics and you will get paid based on total number of views.Payment mainly by paypal or lr.

6.Skills : are you good in writing, drawing, photoshop, imaging, web design, blog seo, facebook fan page design, traffic expert, singing, acting etc why not register with fiverr, see what you can do, put your skill into practise and get paid for every services rendered in form of gigs.

7. Classified ads : this is another way to make money online simply by listing some of your unused items and placing them on free classified ads site like ebay and craiglist. For every purchase, you get paid into your account which might neither be in paypal or direct bank deposit.

You really need to look into some online business such as online sport sales, online sport accessories, online sport predictions, money markets, online real estate and investments. Google more and get some useful information about some of this money making scheme.But always remember making money online takes time and its never a get quick rich scheme.Don't search for quick money or else you get scammed. If any question, please feel free to drop your comment below or better still subscribe to get more update from us.Thanks


  1. i tried istockphoto but the paypal payment option is bringing me down cus its not acceptable in ma country.

  2. don't worry i can always get paypal account for you for a token...why not try payza or libertyreserve

  3. I found this post useful.I was trying to find this. Really refreshing take on the information. Thanks a lot

  4. These are really excellent to earn money online plus you also get to sharpen up your writing skills.

  5. Thanks for the tips sir, I really love the part of blogging and freelance writing... Currently making some $$ from blogging and Ads placement...

    Nice post Dayo

  6. Earning online maybe vast but here is a brief summary of some online money making ideas


  8. Nice post i like the blog information very helpful information in this blog thanks for sharing

  9. thank you, also om your site learning from your site too

  10. Am currently making money online and i still needs more information, but blogging with Google adsense is a sure money making for beginners but i takes time to make the money

  11. Fiverr is making sense to me now, after i figured what people want and how i can provide it for them

  12. Thanks, online money making is widely spread but its good to pick one nd work on it patientky

  13. That's a huge list, and I really agree with that all! There are really lots of ways to earn money online and many people found this really helpful to them. By the way, from all the list above, what you are using what do you prefer most?

    Earn Money from Home

  14. Well, i like blogging and article writing....tanks for the comment

  15. ways to make moneyt online made simple

  16. Thanks for the comments, I will visit d site check


    1. i replied ur question via inbox on Graphcard. Thanks


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