How to Identify Fake Money Making Online Site

In the quest to start working online to make money, one needs to identify the legitimacy of some site which claims to make you a millionaire by working and getting paid in a short while. Not long ago, i nearly fall into a scam site which claims i can make $100 daily from my blog which they never did.

I strongly believe earning online requires patience and hard work to excel but never a get quick rich scheme as many online business people claims. Especially when you blog for money, you don't really need to expect making money in a short while but over a period of time. Just see below to see ways you can identify money making online site that never pays;

1. If such site is new and they promise to pay higher amount of dollars.
2. If the payment method of such site is not by check, lr, payza, paypal, moneybooker, payoneer, Western Union or direct bank payment.
3.  If such site is not well registered.
4. If such site offers more than $1000 as it payout
5. If such site promise to pay at a stipulated time and later exceed its time frame limit.
6. If such site promise get rich quick
7. If such money making site has zero credibility on blogs or forums.
8. If such site ask you to pay certain amount before redeeming your earning.
9. If such site text or emails you every time that you've won millions
10. If such site post payment proof of people who has won millions which they never did, this you can get from the site forum or user reviews.

Reading through this short tips, i believe you've been able to get some insight into how you can get some of this money making site that never pays after spending your time and energy working and never get paid. To avoid getting scam, i think you should avoid get rich quick scheme because most of them are scams. If you want to add more, please use the comment box below and let learn from you. Thanks


  1. Real good info, just can't imagine getting on the wrong side of this money making site

  2. I posted this because it works for me and i see reason for ma readers to learn too

  3. I did PTC sometimes ago and i lost to some good scammers and ai also did surveys and i didnt get paid but now i see truth from this post

  4. Those survey site are scams and some ptc site too are scams, i believe

  5. Well i don't do surveys and ptc, i will rather go into blogging and after 2yrs i will begin to make money just like nairaland is making some money now.

  6. I like this blog.I’m really glad I have found this information.This post is really helpful for us. i certainly love this website, keep on it.Excellent post, I will be checking back regularly to look for updates.

  7. these tips are carefully explained, its nice


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