How to Get Traffic From Twitter

Getting Traffic to one's blog or product through Twitter is just as simple as a way of getting Traffic from Facebook but just a slight change. Since, Twitter is becoming more popular and widely used, then its important every blog owners or online marketers explore the use of Twitter traffic because blog Traffic brings popularity, visitors, thousand of views to a blog and in return it is turns to your money making tools.

Having high traffic either from Social media or from Search Engines is not something that can be achieved over night but this simple way explained briefly below can help you get some Traffic from Twitter. Below is the simple way of getting twitter traffic based on users review and experience.

1. The content : when a link is shared on twitter, the attractiveness and creativity of such will determine how long its has helped the followers or users who are eager to see what the tweet is all about thereby clicking on the link shared which brings cool traffic to the blog or page.

2. Twitter Social Plugins : you can make your followers respond to your link by providing some essential Twitter widget like follow@twitter, Large share button, Twitter flying bird widget etc. All these will make the twitter users or your followers to share or easily recommends your post thereby bringing blog traffic.

3. Re-tweeting : this is the latest hidden source of traffic to blogs now, when you re-tweet other people tweet especially the twitter users with huge number of twitter followers, then you may be lucky when such person re-tweet your tweet or link to his/her own followers. Imagine if someone with over 150,000 twitter followers re-tweet your  link, then you will get high traffic in return.

4. Give away : you get blog traffic from twitter when you run different give away program as tweets, people seems to love free things like free e-book, free game downloads, free hosting plan, free apps download, free info on how to make money from Twitter etc.

5. Grow your Twitter followers : Another source of Twitter Traffic is to grow your Twitter followers by any legitimate means such as following other users in your niche or those who are interested in your product or information, then in return you get blog traffic flowing from your twitter followers to your blog which allows you to make more money form your site.

The following Twitter Traffic ideas discussed has been proven by users and i see reason for you to look into this, work on it, try it, get popularity and make some money with your stuffs. If you have more ways on how to get blog traffic twitter, please use the comment box to share yours and let learn form you. Thanks


  1. i now realized how i could get some blog traffic from Twitter with dis interesting post

  2. @mercy, Re-tweeting other people tweet in return generate lots of traffic, i've tried it and it works

  3. I prefer Twitter to Facebook anytime,anyday especially for promoting and getting sales from affiliate products

  4. Twitter is making lots of sense especially when it comes to blog traffic issues

  5. Twitter all the way as popularly said but gettiing more followers is the real thing which also applies for making money

  6. i want traffic on ma site and i dont have much twiiter followers, how do i do that?

  7. Thanks for sharing this. it's such an eye opener.


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