How to Get MTN 2hrs Internet Plan For Pc

I've been using the new Mtn internet data plan for quit some time now and i see the need to let you know how you can get it done on your laptop or desktop computer using your phone as a modem or you USB dongle with your Mtn sim card. This Mtn internet data plan is very fast and reliable but can only be used withing 24hrs duration allocated to it.It charges N250 for this setting. It works very well on your laptop or desktop with very fast internet speed.

How to get it.
Getting this done is just a simple process, just send 2h to 131  on your Sim card, before then ensure to load N250 on the Mtn sim card. within one seconds of sending this, you will receive a notification that welcome you to the internet plans.

How to check the remaining hours
You can check the remaining browsing time by sending 2 to 131 to check the time used or the brwosing time left on the internet plans.

The internet speed for this Mtn 2hrs internet plan is very fast and no need for MB calculation but just time allocation. While many users might not see this as a big deal because its only for 2hrs but at times it has helped me in doing some unfinished jobs online, its help for my work at home business and at times its download speed is very reliable, i just tried it and it works.Thanks


  1. i once tried this, its fast and reliable but 2hrs is too small for ma internet things

  2. i like the internet plan cuz its fast and ok for downloads and cheap

  3. due to its speed i might wait to get some accumulated work and fire them in 2hrs


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