How Safe Is The Internet ?

The world is now a global village with the advent of the internet, many activities takes place more on the internet than ever. The time spent on the internet daily, weekly or monthly varies for different people, many spent an average of 5-6hrs while other spends more.Many see the internet as a big marketplace ,a place of entertainment while other see it as a relaxation center but how secure is the internet?

The internet is generally known to be a place for the activities listed below and in one way or the other, the users get satisfied with its usage.

1. Search Engines : we spend most of our time on search engines like google, bing, yahoo ,ask altavista etc. mainly for research purpose, to find or to seek knowledge on latest things.

2. Social networks : i don't think anybody can do without  google plus, facebook and twitter because those are the biggest social networks for now. Many may spend hour chatting with friends, posting link, gisting and many more.

3. Online Games : many also see the internet to play games, get the latest game type or version which may last for hours.

4. Videos : When i'm free from work, i watch videos on youtube, get latest videos, or even post some of my works on youtube just like any other person.You can also make money on youtube.

5. Work online : many people engage in some online jobs like the data entry jobs, blogging, surveys, ptc, affiliate marketing, selling online which in return they get paid.

6. Research : the internet is known as the best place for research, place to get the latest happenings, news, new material and some education information.

7. Downloads : we know the internet is the best place for different downloads which include music, videos, games, different phone and pc applications.

8. Surfing : many surf the internet for several hours, checking some latest things on cars, phones, houses, investment, sports, online application for jobs, online degree, happenings on forum, reading emails, writing artilces, new web design softwares and many more.

9. Business : the internet is a big business ground from all sort of businesses ranging from craft business, online business, work at home, oil and gas, small or large scale business, buying and selling etc.

After spending hours on some of this activities online, what are those things you do concerning your health, paying the internet data plan, how do you cope getting addicted to some sites, how do you secure some of your online information like your credit cards, Atm and password information, website info, leaks and many more? 
Now, do you think the internet is really a safe place? please feel free to drop your comment and let learn from your own experience about the internet. Thanks


  1. Even there's been a debate in the US about this internet security where facebook and twitter has been charged not to give out users information anyhow...but for me i dont really see it safe for now.thanks poster.

  2. nice post, after spending so much time and suddenly ma site blocked, then what will happen? nice question left think about.

  3. The internet is not really safe i believe..frm......... Lodr baks

  4. My internet is safe... I sensor it, I watch pornos :D but it really is safe :)

  5. I always believe in a saying. Anything you do, do it properly. Internet, if best utilized at †нε appropraite time, Ȋ̝̊̅§ safe. But getting addicted to it Ȋ̝̊̅§ №†̥ my recommendation.


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