Essential Tips for a New Blogger

Blogging is just a simple way of expression of thought, event, experience, happenings and lots more.While its a big money making tool for many online business workers and work at home jobbers.Whereas, a new blogger see blogging not as anything but a way to earn online.Many start blogging to share experience, many blog for money, many blog for writing, many blog to advertise their product while others blog for passion.

A new blogger new to be very equipped with so much information about blogging if you really want to make money from it. I never have the chance of getting this free information about blogging but i felt i should share my own experience i got from blogging and will explained them briefly here ;

Key tips for successful Blogging

1.The platform : a new blogger needs choose a platform which best describe the kind of blogging practice to be rendered.The new blogger needs pick either the wordpress or blogger.A new blogger should know that a blogger platform is free while wordpress might not really be free depending on if such want to place adverts on it.
2. The niche : this is next because it shows the area which your blog will be based.Maybe you want to blog about health and medicine, news, sport, jobs, school , travel, money, banking , money making niche etc.As a new blogger, you need to be smart and check the best niche where you can attract lot of readers.
3. Choice : a new blogger needs to make a choice and decide if you want your blog to be a personal blog or you want it a business blog where you can promote your product and services online, integrate ads service like google adsense/addyanmo or direct ads placement.
4. Content : a new blogger should realize that good and original content is the key to traffic and popularity of the blog.A good and not copied content gives an edge over some other site because of the content value and originality.You tend to attract more readers with a good content and not copied work. Frequent posting of original and engaging content can make you earn more from advertisers who loves your work.
5 . The design : as a new blogger, you need to ensure you make your blog beautiful, attractive by using beautiful template and some html designs.If you can do such on your own, why not seek the service of an expert to do it for you. You need to add some social network share widget that will make it easy for your readers to like, post and share your post e.g facebook like button.
6. Hard work : as a new blogger, you need to realize that blogging is hard work.You need lot of stuffs and researches to succeed online.You need to post regularly and make sure your blog is lively, with dis new visitors can then be attraced and you feel great.
7. Seo : this is called the search engine optimization, it expose your site to million of search engines which will later bring traffic to your site.You need to do backlink, in-bound link and also url submission to various free url submission sites.
8. Traffic : you choice of traffic also determine the level of exposure.Google has frown on the use of some artificial traffic generator called blackhat traffic means, hence you need you need natural traffic means which maybe organic or social networks/bookmarking sites.
9. Attraction :  a new blog must be attractive with lovely and beautiful images, search box at the top, subscribe button, share button, pages and columns and some colorful attractive widget as seen some other popular blogs.
10. Earning money : as a new blogger, you should be expecting to make money in a short while, blogging takes time usually 8-13 month before you start making money with the blog. Blogging is not a get rich money making scheme but with the traffic and popularity of the blog, you will begin to earn big with you adsense or any other cpc company you register with.

These are the key tips to be a successful blogger, blogging takes time, energy, seriousness and money to get to the top but as soon as the following tips are considered, then the money start rolling like any other work at home jobs. Feel free to drop your comment and let learn from your experience on blogging and earning.


  1. This is the just the basis a new blogger should and its not all about money making at first.

  2. Great tips. I really love it. Thanks

  3. dis is simply the basis of blogging for newbie like me, its lovely and highly informative

  4. This is good work u have undertaken and its helpful. Thanks Dayo.


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