Blogging vs Tweeting

Blogging and Tweeting are two interesting ways of passing information on the internet that could help to change lives, help people with some relevant information online as well as giving news alert. Both Blogging and Tweeting seems to be the most interesting part of the internet.

Before we could compare Blogging and Tweeting, we need to consider the one with the highest vote in popularity on the internet, we needs to see the gains of blogging with tweeting and then compare who run the show mostly. Below shows the benefit of tweeting to blogging and let see which one you think has more advantage on the internet since they both change lives;

Blogging or Tweeting

1. Blogging can be used as an online journal where some personal work or writings can be kept but i don't think such document be kept on Twitter for so long.

2. Since, Tweeting belongs to a powerful social network called Twitter, then its easy to socialize, find friendship with stars and have real fun tweeting.

3. Blogging can be controlled which means you can change the design of the blog, make your blog beautiful, do the seo, get traffic etc while Tweeting is done basically on Twitter and one could not change the design of twitter or control the site.

4. Making money Blogging is so wide compared to making money tweeting. Blogging has different money making ways ranging from direct advertising, pay per click program like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing etc

5. Tweeting on twitter could be a source of traffic for blogs especially when the tweets get lot of followers or when re-tweeted by some twitter users with huge number of followers.

6. The content on blogs are mostly used as links to tweet for discussion, twitter trending topics and hot news and fresh news to the internet.

Considering the point above, i think both Blogging and Tweeting are great tool for information dissemination and ways to help people, have fun, change lives and tell people your own opinion about anything you feel like sharing. I can authoritatively tell you that its difficult picking out the best between Blogging and Tweeting but instead picking out the best we can use it do something meaningful and achieve our goal. Thanks


  1. yeah, i think they are both important, especially when used to together. blogging has the content with useful and important or entertaining information, while tweeting is good for marketing and mass communication.

  2. Excactly, tweeting makes the blogging content interesting while blogging provides the content to be shared...thanks

  3. I'm making some small cash with ma music site but am not getting traffic frm twitter, not even money...i love dis post

  4. Perfect! You have shown the difference between the two and how they are interconnected to help blog get more visitors and gain more Twitter followers by being an expert in your blog niche.

  5. I prefer Tweeting cus am still planing a blog of my own, not fully launched


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