Blogging and Its Gains

I never knew the gains of Blogging until i started blogging. I never taught of Making money from blogging at first but to blog for passion, share some financial tips with my readers and have fun. Just lately, i started to see some changes in certain aspect of me and i really want to share some of the gains and benefit in blogging.

Gains of Blogging

1. Knowledge Acquisition : this is one crucial aspect of my gains from blogging. I notice i acquired so much knowledge when i make research on topic i should post for my readers and the quest for this, i learn t new things which sounds interesting to me.I love to acquire knowledge because it widens my scope.

2. Self Discovery : i see my writing style and skills improves daily and when i see some old post of mine, then i see changes. Blogging has made me discover myself greatly because i was never a writer but i now write. I was never a good reader but i now read other people blog and articles and so on.

3. Improved Creativity : i also wonder when i will start doing original things and giving some real creative ideas but it started when i started to blog. It means you stand a chance of becoming more creative in style and writings when you blog.

4. Intelligence : When i write, learn, make research, read articles, i see my brain at work and also some improved memory. The brain is exercised when you blog because you need to think well which is very healthy for the brain.

5. Make money : Do you know your blogging effort will be rewarded with cash. This is never a get rich quick scheme but you will definitely make some cash blogging over a brief period. You make money when you register with some pay per click program like Addynamo, Adbrite, Google Adsense, Infolinks etc.

6. Popularity : this is the most interesting part, blogging will make you popular all over the word which is very important for your product or services. Many people will see your product, your article, brand etc on Google, Bing and Yahoo thereby making you sell your brand Online easily.

Earning money, free advertising, free sales,free online marketing and and so on are what you gain when you start to blog. All this benefit are too important and real to be overlooked. Since it cost me nothing than to write even though am not a professional writer. If you are not yet a blogger then consider the tips above and see if you can start your own blog and enjoy it gains. Thanks.


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