Beware of False Proof of Earnings

I see the internet as a place of many opportunities where one can easily get information, blog, tweet, chat, earn money, work and also a huge marketplace for buying and selling. But the action of some fake money making site and Online marketers who finds popularity in posting false screenshot of earnings really needs  attention and how wonder if the internet is really safe anyway.

A successful Nigerian Online Marketer, Mr Patrick Ogidi recently posted on the media how some groups of online marketers has been posting screenshot/payment of his earnings online as theirs. This act calls for caution and we need not fall for this online scam. Mr Patrick Ogidi is taking steps to expose those false screenshot of earned money which i will get you posted as soon as he releases it.

Not only that, some ptc site and survey site also does that which seems painful after spending time and when it get to payment, you will wait for several month and never get paid. I need to tell you to be careful of such site or individual claiming make huge money online with fake screenshots of money earned.

How to identify False Screenshot of Earnings

1. The advert make promises of you making $500 in one night or day without work or selling.
2. The domain used may not be duely registered with fake address or location.
3. Most advert of such online marketers appears cheap.
4. Frequent phone calls and emails informing you to make payments.
5. Such adverts are mostly get rich quick scheme.
6. Frequent spam mails or unwanted alert claiming you've won a jackpot you never played.
7. Advert containing lies about making you a millionaire overnight and many more.
8. Bad comment of such site or advert on blogs, forums, Facebook pages or groups etc,

Just as Mr Donatus, the naijadiary boss said, you need to verify, ask question, check reviews before making payment to any site or individual because most of them are not even making any money online but are ready to show you someone's screenshot or paycheck.

Please the consequences of believing those scammers due to scanned proof of huge amount of money made from Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, Paypal etc may be severe and inorder not to lose your money, your investment or time, please don't fall for scam. Feel free to suggest or ask any question by using the comment box below or better still subscribe to earn online to get fresh update from this site.

Note: An interview with Mr Patrick Ojidi, the online marketing guru will soon be published, keep your fingers cross as we serve you the latest tips you need to know online. Thanks


  1. I just saw this post and am impress, lovely post cuz i've learn't so much here.

  2. Nice design of blog with reach article, i never intended dropping a comment but i was touched. i've been scammed the hard way.Good

  3. The 8 point here are good and never to fall for despirate adverts for making money with false screenshots.

  4. The things which disclose in this post are exactly correct in current perspective. Many guys are faking others by showing their photoshoped checks and pay outs. Their main intention is to make some bucks. No attention for readers. Nice post.

  5. Exactly, just to make money by false means , forgeting that your true intention matters alot

  6. Thanks for this great info, making money here and there is the other of the day, we don't know the real one out of them all but with this great information you have shared. we can now differentiate the real from the scam. Thank and keep it up. Thumb up

  7. yea, everybody is claiming making money which they never make and very bad to make screenshot of earnings that is not even their own

  8. In fact i run surveys and none of those site has paid me maybe its due to my country but most of them are scam site.

  9. yes many have just photoshop it only or just edited, but I make sure I only posted my own real income

  10. Photosshop of other people's earnings, this is bad for such and for those scam survey site, we will find them here in ma country and report to the authority.

  11. lol,what is the probability that you are not a scammer? Cos the patrick ogidi you are talking about is a big scammer my people,dont fall for them!

  12. Ok, i will never and can never scam people but to provide free info for everyone ..just a way of enlightening ma people to fake online things


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