5 Things I Wouldn't Do To Make Money

Due to the high rate of unemployment and high cost of basic needs, people struggle to find a way of making money or find a way of earning some extra income offline or online. But the negative effect of making money comes when an entrepreneur could not make sales, or jobbers refuse to get paid their monthly salary or wages.Then desperate ideas on how to make money set in which may be harmful..

Just as i told some of my friends, that i will not make my money through any secret means but to work hard, do business, market, sell, invest, start to blog ,buy stocks and shares and participate in some small scale business. You may add your own ways of making real good money but for me, here are the things i wouldn't do to make money ;

1. Illegal Means : many engaged themselves in illegal practice like offline/online fraud, online scams, forgery, stealing, fake money transfers and unauthorized sales of copyright materials. I see these as illegal way of making money and you need to desist from doing these.

2. Laziness : the lazy man idea of making money by joining some get quick scheme which promise to make you earn $500 just over the night will be a thing of the past. Its not bad getting a job or working on a job to get paid. If the work at home moms can sit back at home and earn, then why not me.There are various jobs like part time jobs, summer jobs, online jobs, craft business, product marketing and even article writing.

3. Fake : i will not make money selling some fake product , fake id, people personal details, credit card sales etc.This is totally wrong but if you think you are making money from these thing, then its too risky for you. But for me, i will not engage in business that sells fake items to people.

4. Sell myself : it makes no sense when you sell your body or soul, make indecent pics for some advertising companies, sell your business ideas etc in order to make money  I believe I've got skills that can help me earn, I've got site that pays, i can sell craft, i can make some designs for sale and many other thing i forgot to mention.But for me, i can try such risky profit making ventures.

5.  Disgrace : i will not do anything that will bring disgrace to my family, to my job, to my boss or to the company where i work. Even if the finance get so low, the business in going down and desperate attention is needed still i need to find a way out from such.

Now, reading through this post, have you gained knowledge, or have i been able to add some meanings to the kind of things you wouldn't do to make money ? These are my own thought about making money and what i wouldn't do to make this money. Better still, if you have some other ideas and you want us to know then let hear you, let learn from you and let see it by posting your comment below. Thanks


  1. this is interesting and touching people get despirate just to make money..hhmm

  2. I think so, but those are ma own top 5 thing i wont do to make money

  3. I think so, but those are ma own top 5 thing i wont do to make money

  4. I think so, but those are ma own top 5 thing i wont do to make money

  5. I will not do harsh and illegal things to earn money..i like dis post frm oliver kahn

  6. Boss, i like the area of selling self, selling ones body and others, that i can never do..good post

  7. Nice One....Keep it up....I love it...

  8. Nice post! There are a lot of invites I'm getting lately where you will just invent a few cents and your money will grow before you eyes without doing anything. Hmmm sounds intriguing to me. I am so used to working hard for what I earn, I'd rather invest my money in the likes of a mutual fund and fully understanding the process than in something I don't understand and nobody trying to explain abt it. ;(

  9. It's always better to earn money the hard way. Most of the times, the quick fix ways to earn money are not equally satisfying plus most of the time it takes advantage of taking advantage of other people.

  10. thanks for you comments, i've learnt so much here and hope to see more of you.

  11. Great post there bro. If you make money the right way, you will have peace of mind.

  12. Yes bro, there's nothing like making money the right way.

  13. This is a nice post, many people make money by selling people data like personal login, emails, credit cards info...but i learnt that not only the poster but everyone shuld make money the right way....jane janet

  14. Thanks for this...

    I would definitely not used these ways to make money

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