15 Things You Shouldn't Share on Facebook

The internet seems to be more interesting with phones and computers with Facebook apps which allows its users to chat, send mails, read mails, play games, upload pics, send latest music and many other apps. But many have fail to realize that the internet is not 100% safe to share some of this information.

Although Facebook is free for all but one need to be careful about exposing some vital info to the internet. Many times, it seems annoying seeing some uninteresting post and the user complains of information leak or friends complaining and getting frustrated with you without knowing the cause. Below is the 15 Annoying things people share on Facebook ;

15 Things You Shouldn't Share on Facebook

1. Your bank details and the amount of money in it.
2. Personal information like lo gin details, password or emails.
3. What you intend taking for breakfast or dinner.
4. Uploading pay check as some people do.
5. Exposing your private body pics from phones or laptops.
6. Arguing about religious or political views.
7. Your plan to quit your day job.
 8. Your view on hatred.
 9. The pics of your children.
10. Your money making secret because many will see it as scam.
11. Your plan to go for a date.
12. Your readiness for intimacy.
13. Your fight with your boss
14. Your daily program
15. Your achievement at place of work or in business.

This may sound less important to you, but you actually need to caution yourself. The internet is gradually becoming a safer place but not with unnecessary post and uploads and let make our online transaction more secure. If you found this helpful or you have a suggestion, please kindly use the comment box below and let learn from you. Thanks


  1. interesting and well arranged, am learning some real stuffs here.

  2. very funny but am guilty of some

  3. Some will learn while others wii continue with the trash post nd picture uploads

  4. Facebook is a public site so its but proper to keep private matters private as this could lead to so much trouble.

  5. Just as the case of a blogger who release the email contact of a govt official on media...truble

  6. Big list man...well u r correct in some way..we have to be aware from this.Coz sometimes ur hatred towards ur job or ur boss or some1 else make you to post as facebook status but this may take u in serious trouble.

  7. Yes, thanks for the comment and am sure everyone is learning here

  8. I do not agree with some like:
    3 - if you wanted pizza, someone might deliver it to your house and you might watch movies with them while you eat the pizza they gave
    7 - someone might give you great advices which you haven`t thought of
    9 - why not?
    10 - well, it is their loss.
    11 - again, advice but if she or he is your friend, it is probably not a good idea
    12 - advices but you can post that in a special group with all boys or all girls
    14 - why not? influence other people
    15 - if you are happy, why don`t you express it?

    I actually do not go very personal in Facebook. I do not trust all the people who sees everything I am doing. It is up to you...

  9. I can agree on some of the things in your lists, then again there is this new law that will surely make our socializing a bit constraint.
    Still the best one i practice is think before you click.

  10. Thanks for the comment, just getting to learn some new tips from your guys.

  11. That is the reason ,i don't like posting anytin personal on facebook or twitter, they are all internet and cab spread


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