15 Signs You Are A Facebook Addict

Some times ago, children and young adult get addicted to watching television and home videos, but the advent of the internet, laptops and phones made addiction to be shifted from watching television to the social  media like Facebook. This Facebook addiction is getting serious and i believe every addiction is a bad thing.

Now, you may need to check the following signs below to check if you are addicted to Facebook either on phone or on your laptop.You might never realize you are a Facebook addict untill you find it necessary to responds to message from friends, gist and to chats. I felt you are addicted to Facebook if you do the following ;

1. When you login to your account several hours in a day.
2. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing is to check your Facebook wall.
3. When you sleep side by side with your phone or laptop to check Facebook update.
4. During intimacy, you grab your laptop or phone to check Facebook
5. At the sight of any internet connected phone or computer, what you wish to see is Facebook.
6. When you have over 4000 friends on Facebook and you only have 3 friends in real life.
7. When all what you think about is Facebook traffic for your blog.
8. When you stand in the middle of a busy road and you start to chat on Facebook.
9. When you check Facebook on your phone while walking.
10.When in a place of worship, all you do is to check Facebook.
11.When at a slight of a missing phone or computer, you get sad.
12. Crying when you couldn't get a comment on any picture upload or links shared.
13. When you begin to think at a slight low battery on laptop or on phone.
14. While eating you begin to check Facebook on phone or on computer.
15. When you stylishly check your Facebook on your phone while driving.

Do you think something good comes out of any addiction but i strongly believe in moderation in any thing i do. You may decide to do lot of things on Facebook with your phone or computer but all excess can be controlled and i believe reducing this addiction will go a long way in preventing any form of accident. Feel free to drop your comment below and let get to know how you've been able to control your addiction.Thanks


  1. you are writting this post because you are also addict hahaha, lovely post there

  2. Haa, king, i agree but am trying to work on mine..thanks king

  3. Everybody is gradually getting addicted while lot of young men on Iphones are already addicted....funny

  4. The number 4, that is the extent of addiction one can get on Facebook especially on phones

  5. The phone addiction especially on Blackeberry or Iphone is greater than on pc.. i think.

  6. I still believe every addiction is a bad thing, still we need to get something doing with this addiction but i will rather get addicted to making money..isn't it?

  7. Oh no, I'm guilty of some but as long as you get the job done, right?

  8. OMG I am guilty:) Before I sleep and the time i wake up- FB runs my world :)

  9. Yup,every addiction is bad.But don't wanna get rid of from facebook addiction.Caz I love it very much.thanks to mark for changing the world with such a nice thing...:)

  10. I am 100 and 10% addictive :) and i like it

  11. almost before but now more on blogger addict haha
    The Bargain Doll

  12. But, am gradually working on ma own addiction to Facebook but also getting more addicted to blogging

  13. OMG! This goes to show that I am a Facebook addict. I tried not to log in for about two days and i find it somehow easy.

  14. well I am an addict... I have to deactivate my account for a while because of some personal reasons... =(

  15. Do u need to deactivate ur account? No need just apply caution...thanks for the comment


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