10 Ways to Avoid Annoying Your spouse on Social Networks

One could easily get carried away using Facebook or Twitter never minding that fact that there are some things that shouldn't be shared on Facebook. Just recently, i uploaded my girlfriend's pics and she really got annoyed. I never see it as a bad thing, but she does, so understanding some annoying thing that should not be shared make me write this post.

Some annoying post at times makes you lose your Twitter followers and many Facebook friends which means we need to identify some of this act and stop it. Everybody want their close one to be happy and that is just the reason to identify this annoying habit.

10 Ways to Annoy your Spouse on Social Networks

1. Post on Facebook or Tweet that your spouse is getting too fat.
2. Post on Facebook or Tweet he/she is getting bald.
3. Post on Facebook or Tweet about your spouse eating too much.
4. Post on Facebook or Tweet about your flirts with his or her friend.
5. Post on Facebook or Tweet about his/her grammatical errors.
6. Tell your spouse about her aging and getting old.
7. Make bad comment about his/her newly uploaded pics.
8. Posting or tweeting secretly about some ugly pics you found on his/her phone or laptop.
9. Tweeting about you getting tired or finding your spouse unattractive.
10. Posting and bragging about how you've been avoiding him/her.

You've now seen the various way you get your spouse annoyed with Facebook or Twitter but one need to have it in mind that the internet is not really safe and some annoying comment can easily be liked or re tweeted by other users thereby causing global embarrassment for such individual. We need to avoid annoying post or tweets of spouse, be constructive and post right when on Facebook or Twitter. Thank


  1. the area of one's friend getting fat and posting it on facebook is somehow embarrassing and bad

  2. Yes, i saw something like that on ma wall and i really pity the person question which sounds annoying

  3. Pls annoymous, i responded ur comment tru ma mail, it was marked spam...any way av checked ur parttime job site and its cool

  4. Simple truth about the social media

  5. I see things on facebook where ma fb friends get carried to show some funny pics of that friends...too bad.

  6. @ Annonymous, thank you for the comment offline

  7. All this list are what make especially a female feel bad, yu guy need to correct your mistakes


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