10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone

The primary reason for buying a cell phone is to make calls, text messages as well as secure some vital information and contact but now buying a phone entails checking some good features like the internet facilities, games, browsers etc which can will make it more interesting.

Since the tech world is now in a more advance stage, then the type of phone one could easily buy will depend on the some of this factors highlighted below.

10 Things to consider before buying a phone

1. The prize : many people seems to consider the prize of a cell phone before buying it. I recently took a survey on how people buy phones based on prize and the conclusion was that people buy phones with cheap prize i.e just a means of saving their money.

2. The Brand name : Another survey claimed that the brand name of phones is really important for buyers, while people picked Nokia for its reliability, others prefer Samsung, Blackberry, Ipads, Andriods or the Iphones.

3. The color : the color of phone also determines the its purchase for instance girls like more of pink, white, blue phones and many at times the buy skins on their phones which allows color blending on their outfit while the male counterpart prefers most Black colored phones.

4. The browser : the browsers on the phone also determines its type of user where many phone users will check their favorite browser like opera mini, chrome or any preferred web browser.

5. The reviews : the review of such phone on blogs, forums or tech sites should also be considered because checking for review gives recommendation about the phone from other users other people.

6 The phone apps : your new phone requires you to check some real apps like free chatting apps, music, video, games, business and many more interesting apps.

7. The camera : according to survey, the size and quality of camera is an important thing most users want to see, many preferred a phone with high megapixels to give the desired sharp and bright image.

8. Social network app : since the social networks is the most interesting part, then Facebook or Twitter apps or icon will be the next thing to consider.

9. Memory size : depending on the kind of stuffs you want on the phone, you need to check the memory size which will enable you have a perfect plan on how and what you can do with your phone.

10. Condition : you need to ensure that the phone you want to buy must be in a good working condition with few month warranty and also ensure the cell phone is environmental and user friendly with strong battery life.

The point explained above are things you need to consider before buying a phone and if you have any other things you check before buying a cellphone, please kindly use the comment box and let learn from your experience. Thanks


  1. I checked some of di point before buying ma new iphone 4

  2. Thats great and am glad you did...thanks


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