Why we need to Blog

Blogging is just a way of expressing our emotions, passing information, update and putting our thinking into writings for friends and family to see.Many blog for so many reasons which will be highlighted later on this page.Blogging has lot of advantages and cannot be neglected because even the big companies in the world will still have a small section of their site for blogging.
I strongly believe the work at home, online writers, online marketers,online shoppers, online earners etc will see blogging as a huge tool for their business. Now, we need to blog for the following reasons ;

1.Business: blogging in business is a very huge tool for the one's business because it enable you post important things about your product for the customers.Blogging your business will enable you get a feedback from your readers, users and buyers inform of adverts.

2.Making Money: We need to blog in order to make money by writing online, selling some stuffs online, working online and also integrating money making ads program like google adsense, addynamo, chitika, infolinks etc.This kind of online jobs is just for you to get a free website like blogspot or wordpress and start blogging.You can also make money on youTube with your blog.

3.Passion: if you have passion for writing and making research, why not start blogging so that your stuffs can get across wide range of audience especially people who needs to learn from you.when you blog for passion, you will always enjoy blogging more.

4.Online diaries: If you are a professional in your field and you have lots of stuffs in you that you want to spread as well as keep, why not start blogging which will enable you keep those information forever.Using blogging as your online diary will safe guide your document online and also make it useful for readers to see.You only need to start a blog, publish your materials and see how safe it is.

5.Sharing Experience: we need to blog so that we can share experience on various aspect of life, maybe what we've being through.We can blog and share experience about how we make money, our jobs, health problems, travel or financial experience with your readers.Read how to start blogging

Finally, reading the point described above give various reasons for us to blog, share experience, get exposure make some cash and many more.If you have more info about why we need to blog please use the comment box below and lets learn from you.Thanks


  1. ok its, i will blog for passion and later money comes

  2. Blogging for business promotion is very interesting....marketing style

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tip, keep posting, and keep adding value to the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks pst Bless, but i need blessing too

  5. Thanks pst Bless, but i need blessing too

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