Top 5 Security Tips for Online Transactions

The internet is well popular for various Online and Offline activities which connect the whole world in usage.Many people see the Internet as a market place to sell, to buy, make payment, make money, advertise some product, share ideas,  connect with loved ones using some social networks like twitter or facebook while many other work online inform of writing, blogging, teaching, coding, billing and making payment.Despite this online transactions, we still need to keep our information safe in order to avoid being scammed.The ideas below shows good way on how to secure our online information.
1.Public cafe/Computers : Many people uses public cafe/computers to access some vital information on their Credit cards, ATM cards, Travel documents and some payment sites forgetting to log-out and clear the computers.This public computers should be avoided because some vital info can be retrieved even after the user must have left.
2.Social networks :Many get carried with social networks like facebook/twitter thereby mistakenly revealing their site info, credit cards info and some personal login info on their walls which makes it easy for other online users to access some vital info about them.Hence, Email or some other login details should be avoided on the social networks.
3.Change of Password :In case of Credit cards, ATM cards or other online payment details, password should be changed often.This will allow good security on side of the user.
4.Sharing of E-mail info :If not trusted, any Email login and passwords info shouldn't be given out to any individual for any reason and if the transaction condition needs such, then passwords should be changed after such online transaction.
5.False Alert :If you receive an email alert or phone alert that your account has been disabled or a notification stating you've just won a promo, please don't fall for such especially if it state that you should login your password, you need to be very sure of the real login page of site.
Avoiding the points described earlier will ensure proper and scam free online transaction especially in the area of making payment, personal data and some important online informations.Feel free to drop your comment if there is an additional information on this or better still subscribe to get some useful update from earnonlineng.Thanks


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