Top 5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Financial mistakes are inevitable in our every day life because we do business, we invest, we trade, we make money, we sell and we also lose money at times.But the level of such financial mistakes determine the level of wreck of such Entrepreneurs. Definitely, we need to avoid this financial mistakes and learn from it especially in this era of financial meltdown. In business, we can avoid the following financial mistakes ;

Wastage/Maintenance : One key area of financial mistakes we lack is maintenance, many entrepreneurs care less of their property forgetting that regular maintenance of those things can safe some money on the long run.Instead of buying a new one, why not handle the one on ground carefully and utilized.On the long run, such maintenance and utility will help save some extra money.

Financial Debt : somehow, we owe debt which might arise from financial loan, personal loan , bank loan or any kind of money borrowed just to promote our business but we fail to clear such debt.Many people forget to pay back the money borrowed until such funds accumulate and becomes a financial burden.If we can't  pay back, then don't go into such debt at this time.One need not buy expensive stuffs which you can't afford.

Financial Plan : apart from wining a lottery or inheriting a fortune, success don't just come.We definitely need to plan for the business, investment, family or any  business failure which might surface.We need to prevent financial wastage by making clear a good financial plan.

Financial Decision : one can decide not to be a failure in business , therefore making some financial decisions that can make some financial gains for future.An entrepreneur can decide to buy a house, a car, an aircraft, electronics so far such decision is not categories as financial wastage.

Insurance : many entrepreneurs neglects the power of insurance which gives a threat to the business or investment such individual is doing.An entrepreneur not having an adequate insurance policy put his/her business at risk of collapse.Therefore insurance should be in place for financial prosperity.

With these few point, e believe financial mistakes if not stopped can be reduced for every entrepreneurs reading this tips and if you have more tips, kindly use the comment box below and let learn from you about some business and financial tips.Thanks


  1. I think youve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did. Im really impressed that theres so much about this subject thats been uncovered and you did it so well with so much class. Good one you man! Really great stuff here.

  2. Thanks boss. just trying to pass the little knowledge i have about finance stuffs

  3. this financial mistakes you discussed are just too informative and good


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