The Difference between Work at home jobs and Office job

There are two types of job in the world today namely, office job and the work at home jobs.The office job is the normal work you do when you wake up, get the bus and get paid by the end of the month in form of salary or wages.Whereas, the work at home jobs are the internet jobs when one sit in front of the computer and work to earn some money online.

Work at home : work at home jobs are often referred to as data entry jobs or online jobs where you sit and work using your computer and the internet connection. work at home jobs include blogging, affiliate marketing, online writing, freelance writing, online sport business, buying and selling online, web design, programming, online graphic design, pay per click program, online marketplace, internet adverts, email marketing, surveys, online typing jobs, translation jobs and many more.

Office jobs : these are the real jobs that makes you get paid in either salary or wages.Office job are jobs like admin officers, accountants, sales rep, marketing officers, operators, manufacturer and producers etc.This is the normal real work when you go out daily and return later in the day with some money.

Work at home or office job- which is better ?

Work at home job has no time because you decide to set the time for yourself, you decide when to work, when to get paid, how to get paid ,you may work with some family and friends, no need to travel, you are your own boss, earn some extra income, you do not need to be in a hurry, no tension, your are free and focus but the overall advantage of work at home job is that it is preferable for nursing mothers, physically challenged and some old people But the disadvantage should also be considered because you need to avoid scams, legitimacy of the site, your personal info might be sold and also you pose a risk of some health issues like back pain and some eye defects.

While the office job requires you to travel, meet new friend, work with people, make money at the end of the week or month, you can move round, you work hard, you get fixed salary and more.But the disadvantage is that you need to wake up very early to catch up with the bus, traffic congestion, hard work, tension, cannot be performed by handicapped or some physically challenged etc.

Looking the different point discussed above between work at home and real office jobs, i think each of the two jobs has its own advantages and disadvantages which makes it preferable for some and not preferable for others.Some are earning big at work at home jobs even more than the real jobs but generally work at home can only enable one to make some more extra cash online.What do you think ?


  1. office job is better cuz work at home jobs are not quick and the payment method might be too rigid especially if you are not in US... but at times work at home or online business can be high paying if one is on the right side...thanks

  2. @Aanu, thanks so much but both jobs especially the work at home jobs for mothers.

  3. Not all work at home jobs are data entry jobs. There are a lot of other ways to earn money online. You could sell stuff on ebay or amazon. Then there are affliate sites as well. Small internet businesses are possible. Some people even make money from facebook too.

    easy jobs online

  4. Yes, uve got the gist boss...thanks

  5. Spending more hours without socializing at times may cuz some health risk coupled with exposing the eyes for aa very long time on the screen is just the hitch for workathome while office jo will make you socialiize


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