Payza Direct Bank Payment Method for Indians

This is a good news for all Indians working online or making payments online using the former Alertpay now popularly called Payza. Payza which ranks amongst the best online payment method announced their intention for all payments and transactions made in India to be paid directly to their local banks either by withdrawal or making cash deposit by funding their account without using money exchangers.

Payza through their website indicate a bank withdrawal method which means all Indians can now transfer their earnings on payza to their bank account directly from their dashboard.Many called this a good news for online payment while others still ask the question of the fees.But according to payza, the withdrawal or deposit comes with a zero transaction fee.

What is Payza : payza is a global online payment method which is used to send or receive money any where in the world, it is also used to shop online, make payment, receive gift items online etc Payza works just like any other online payment method by loading some fund and using the fund to make purchase or any other online business.

If payza can upgrade their online payment system especially for indians, let wait for their action on other countries.This serves as an eye opener for other online payment method like libertyreserve, money bookers, paypal etc
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  1. In Philippines they use EON while here in the US we are more on paypal.

  2. well thats great, we will wait for their payment actions for Niaja guys

  3. Gradually, payza wants to take the place of paypal


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