How To Withdraw Perfect Money Fund with Atm

Perfect Money is a popular Online payment gateway in the world which maybe an alternative for Paypal because it allows users from all over the world. Perfect Money is used to make payment online, accept payments, buy gift items, buy or sell inform currency.The New thing now is that the Perfect Money can be withdrawn with your Atm card using F51 prepaid card.You can use the Fortune51 Prepaid Debit Card and withdraw money from your Perfect Money.
Fortune 51 is partnering with Payoneer to help you with meeting your epayment solutions.The F51 Payoneer Prepaid  Debit Card works just like any other Prepaid  Debit Card card.

You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at an ATM* to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.
The Fortune 51 Payoneer  Debit Card is free but we require a one time payment of $28.50 to become a Business Associate with F51 and build a business that makes you money

       Advantages of Fortune51 debit card

  • Withdraw your funds from any ATM and in your local currency;
  • Accepted in 210 countries, worldwide
  • No bank account required
  • Use it in stores, online, or at the ATM
  • Strict security rules and regulations imposed mean money stays safe and secure
  • Account held in US Dollars
  • Payments can be delivered within 2 hours
  • Easy for cardholders to activate and manage via the online My Account page
  • Live chat, telephone and e-mail support offered free of charge
  • Use the card everywhere Card is accepted – online and at any point of sale;
  • Maintain immediate liquidity – payments available in minutes;
  • Ensure your funds are secure – as long as the PIN stays secured; your funds are Debit Card protected even if your card is lost or stolen.
  • A replacement card will be mailed to you and the balance transferred;
  • Get your reward payments directly onto your card. Forget about hassles and trips to the bank;
  • Receive localized solution – multi currency solutions with multilingual cardholder support;
How to Use F51 Prepaid Debit Card and Cash Your Perfect Money in any ATM

1. Apply for the Prepaid Debit Card. It is free but we require a small shipping fee to get the Prepaid Debit Card to your house.Visit fortune51
2. Activate the Card.
3. If you have money in your Perfect Money which you would like to transfer to your Prepaid Debit Card so that you can withdraw the money via ATM, you will chat with our live support or send us a mail and we will send you the form to fill
4. After that, you can now transfer the liberty reserve to our Exchange account.
5. Within 3-5 hours the money will be exchanged into your Prepaid Debit Card.
6. Then you can go to any ATM and withdraw your money in your local currency or Dollar

Its means work at home no longer needs the service of currency exchangers.Payza (Alertpay)has also improved their system by allowing bank deposit and withdrawal only for Indians.Thanks


  1. i just need to check more reviews about fortune51 and how real it is

  2. still reading Fortune51 advantages and how real

  3. Just read this and made a short posting about it on my blog with full reference to this post. keep up the good work and hope to see testimonies after post.

    Fakeye Olasunkanmi A.

  4. Hi guys, I am the webmaster for Everything you have read on this blog is real. If you need further help, you can as well contct us at

  5. Seriously, I believe in the future of Nigeria. So accepting a company like this won't be a problem for me. However, it is now left on the founders to keep to their words. I could be of help in spreading the news if need be, but they need to reach more grounds before then.

  6. am walexi, i've applied for the card and i will keep you guys posted if it works

  7. @walexi, a webmaster on fortune51 just assured that its real and reliable.Av signed up and am gonna get you guys posted about the Atm stuffs

  8. It has come to our attention that many people who register on our website assume they have applied for the Prepaid MasterCard. It is not like that. Please read the procedure for the Debit Card application and follow it to avoid unnecessary delays. Thanks.

  9. The webmaster for fortune51 has just said it all...its real

  10. I strongly beleive with time, this is gonna be strong and useful means of payment

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