How to Sell Online

Have you been thinking on how to make money online by selling? yes its very simple, you can make money by selling your products, service, talent, property, sell stuffs etc simply by using online selling which can also be called online advertisement.

What to sell online: you are free to sell stuffs online, sell product online, sell cars, sell pics, sell articles, sell house materials, sell craft, sell phones, sell Tv, sell electronics, sell unwanted household materials, sell anything online and make money on every sales.

How to sell online :There are various ways to sell online and each will be explained briefly below.Stay back as you read this simple article on how you can sell your stuffs online.Now, the simple ways to sell online are ;

1.Website: Building a website or free website can be used to advertise your product and services online.You can build free website with blogspot or wordpress with beautiful template.Get the website done and list your product on your website and the online selling starts.See how to blog
2.Classified Ads : There are different site online that will allow you place a free advert for your stuffs and help you advertise your product or service for free and such site includes,, ,etc.Google more on site that provides classified ads.
3. Ebay : this is abig marketplace to buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion, sporting goods, cameras, coupons, baby items and many more.Just sign up on ebay and place your products for sell on their site.But ensure payment method which might be by paypal or credit cards.
4.Amazon : this is the biggest online shopping for electr5onics, computers, electronics, videos, pics etc.Amazon creates a good marketplace for you to sell your stuffs to millions of people at low prizes daily.
5. clickbank : you can always sell your stuffs on clickbank because its has a huge marketplace to sell your digital products, promote your ebooks, shop online.what you do is just to register as a vendor, agree on their terms and condition and set up your product.Get the upload link and attract your visitors.

Follow the different ways as explained above on how you can sell your product and you will be glad you did.If you have any other way please feel free to use the comment box and let see your comment about online selling..Thanks


  1. i listed a product on craiglist and am hoping it will sell from what i read from your site.Ebay prompt payments by paypal and am not finding it funny at all because of the payment method here.pls help.AM olatunde

  2. i wanna register as a vendor on clickbank but the fee is too much, i dont know if i can afford the fee to start posting ma ebooks on clickbank marketplace.@ poster, i need to sell ma product well

  3. You Didnt Put Amazon On that list

  4. ok i will, thanks for the comment

  5. sorry, Amazon is already on the list bro

  6. Best way to sell your online product is to build your own site or mini site popularly known as blog and some crazy seo which will attract search engines and customers.
    i could remember i sold about 97copies of ebook on " how to stop premature ejaculation" and how to "make money printing recharge card" on without pay any website or third party and if you want to know how just check my blog out

  7. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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