How to Make Money on YouTube

Watching videos on YouTube took a new step when Google bought YouTube thereby providing an opportunity online users to make money and get paid for their effort.There are many ways to earn on YouTube which only two of such ways will be discussed below. Instead of posting and watching free videos on youtube you can equally post some product for view and you earn.

1.Adsense for video : Many makes their money on YouTube by integrating adsense for videos on their site by posting it on YouTube and for any valid watch on related video inform of ads.But its very important to read adsense for video program policy before applying, integrate the codes and adsense for videos begin to show.Th videos must be self created and no copyright contents.

2.Product review : You can also make money online with your videos by writing reviews for some highly used product which may vary from electronics, food, gift items or general product.Many claim its very easy to make money simply by approaching some review site, pick a product and create a video to promote such product and in return, you get paid.

3.Affiliate program : Many affiliate program also accept video campaign which may later be posted on YouTube or Facebook for page views that can later bring sales to the product.All you need to do is to get product of your choice at their marketplace and start attracting buyers online.

4.Promotion : You can also make money by helping some young and new artist, marketers, entrepreneurs promote their stuffs by making their videos, posting it on YouTube and spreading to some big social networks.This kind of system is a direct payment because the individual approach you directly for such promotion.

This simple ideas really works for anyone wanting to make money on youtube using adsense, product sales, promotion and affiliate programs.If you have more ways by which one can make money on youTube, please let hear your views and learn.Thanks


  1. interesting but requires hardwork

  2. i can actually make money by posting videos or podcast of my site and product and make money, this is good


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