Your Experience about Making Money Online

The first time i saw an advert on how to make money online, i was in a doubt because of scams but later i got to know that there are many online jobs, online business, online things that are legitimate.Many people call this work at home jobs, where you stay in front of your computer and work either for pay, for coupons, for gift items or for sales.Many people face scams while only a little really know the main thing about earning online.
Now, here are list of legitimate online business you can do based on user reviews and polls.
1.Blogging :This is not a get rich scheme as many online business people say but it remains the most sure business because you write what you believe and get paid by monetizing with google ads or other ads network. Many bloggers are making it big in blogging which makes its real and legitimate online business.See how to start blogging
2.Affiliate marketing :This is also a means of making money online by selling other peoples product either with or without a website.Based on reviews many online money makers believe to some extent its good.
3.Article writing : Many people in order not to get scammed write articles for some website and get paid for their effort.Base on my own review sites like Triond, squidoo, expertcolumn, seems to be among the best that pay fine but hard work is the key for such writings.Read how to work with webanswers
4.Sport business : Many are involved in online sales of sport wears ,jerseys, accessories and some sport predictions too.The internet is a big community to buy and sell sport things with credit card, paypal, bank wire or other payment solution can be used to accept payment or to send payment too.
5. E book sales : This is also a legitimate way of earning online as claimed by users.You simply write and design an information for your viewers to buy with the expectation of getting so much impact from your customers.
6.Website Flipping/web hosting :This way of making money online entails an individual to design a website and offer it for sale on the internet.Google for flipping site and you will surely get an offer for your site.And also make money by offering web hosting service to host as many web site as possible.
In conclusion, the best way to avoid getting scam by this online business marketer is to avoid get rich quick method that will always tell you to make thousands of dollars in very few hours.Anytime you do this then you are there.These are my own little reviews about making money online.Feel free to drop yours by using the comment box below.Thanks


  1. Yes,this is very good, at least av gained alot here

  2. most of the work at home site are scammers but only a few pay, even the few dont pay high.i believe !!!

  3. The difference between the right word and the almost right word is more than just a fine line! it's like the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning!

  4. @jude lee,thanks a lot for the comment

  5. there are lots of scammers everywhere nowadays, whether in real life or internet life. thorough research is required to find a respectable site.

  6. Beware of scam in the new year

  7. yes its real online job you guide


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