Top 5 Online Payment Method

Doing business requires payments in one way or the other either to make payment, receive payment or transfer payment for job done,sales,service provided or any online deals.Here is a brief list of the Top 5 Online payment Method that are reliable and widely used all over the world.See Top 3 investment ideas
1.Western union :This service allows payment by phone,in person,payment online,pay bills online,pay bills in person,pay bill by phone,money orders and some Prepaid Mastercard.The good thing about this service is that it allows users from all over the world and offers some online exchange solution.
2.Paypal :Paypal is an online payment solution which allow users to send money online,receive money online,accept bank transfer accept credit cards.Paypal basically allows various payment to be made on the internet.But some countries are not included on their list due to reason best known to them.
3.Prepaid cards :Prepaid cards such as Mastercard,visa card or discovery card are also best payment method.It allows fund to make purchase online,shopping and and bill payments.These cards are easy to get,safer than cash and accepted world wide.For instance,prepaid Mastercards can be used to make purchase,pay for travel tickets and gift items.
4.Moneybookers :Moneybooker offers payment method where consumers pay safe online,withdraw and deposit instantly.More payment options for business and less pay fee.It has 28.4million member already using them as a payment service.
5.LibertyReserve :LR as popularly called is gradually becoming the largest payment service in the world.
An easy access to your funds to make payments quickly.
This feature allows you to make quick payments without accessing your main Liberty Reserve account. Just set daily, weekly or monthly limit of funds you wish to use for handy Quick Payments and do transfers to your partners quickly. See how to open paypal with libertyreserve
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  1. LR password is just too difficult,help

    1. Just loggin your Lr account and click on account settings, then click on change password , type in the password you want to use and that you wont 4 get. i got like 4 lr accounts have the password and acct no in my head!!. insert your master key and click save . you're done problem solved. note; dont use your email password for Lr damn risky

  2. @aanu,you got to copy and paste those tins,then you get it

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post, you should have added, it's a good one for Nigerians too

  4. @Augustus--thanks i will add voguepay since its accepted all over the world including Naija

  5. You forgot to include Alert Pay. Edit this post & make the necessary corrections.

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