Top 3 Investment ideas working now

Many business minded people used to make so much money by investing in real estate,insurance,banks and so many business ventures but the current economic meltdown which occurs greatly in 2008 might have cause collapse on these investments.Many countries like Greece,Spain and as well as some countries in Africa.And individual and companies who invested in shares also experience the loss of their investment and the aftermath of this is serious unemployment,lack of savings,collapse of many companies all over the world.But despite the global meltdown,some real investment also survived which are:
1.Fixed Deposit: many people saved their money in the bank especially in current account which may last for more than 4month without any interest but deductions in one way or the other but investing in fixed deposit not only save the money but also gives interest based on the percentage of interest of such bank because it varies from from one bank to the other provided the bank is a reliable one.But the shortcoming of this kind of investment is low compared to other investments.The demerit which may be total collapse of institution applies to anyone saving too but could be controlled when searching for a reliable investment institution.Just compare interest from various institution and invest your money.see business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
2.Treasury Bills: the treasury bills are short-term debt instruments usually issued by the Federal Government of a country through the apex bank or central bank of a country to control the supply of money in the economy.Its the safest form on investment for now since its is issued by the Federal Government of the country inform of can be obtained from banks,issuing house or stock broker,finance house,discount house etc only if they are registered by the central bank.Minimum investment also varies from dealers to dealers depending on their policies.try the ones in your country and get more update about the investment.
3.Self : another sure money making investment is self but before you can do that you probably may have discover oneself,develop a talent,polish it,learn a trade or get education and every other tool such as hard work will make it work faster. See is hard work enough for success?
 I think with this few point investing in the following discuss above seems real and can also be seen as a dependable source of revenue.Feel free to drop a comment and let share ideas.Thanks 


  1. I'm impress with your write up on self as a form of investment.Good one bro

  2. I believe fix deposit may tie ma money down but its somehow preferable than just saving all i have.

  3. Self and fixed deposit investment still makes some sense even at this period when the rest of the world is recovering from global crisis

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