How to save extra money

 This post seems funny but very interesting because its a collection of how many earners save their hard earned money and some extra cash using some useful and simple saving habit.It does not necessarily mean one has to go the bank before a saving is made whereas some simple tips like this can be used to save money even without the bank savings.There are really some simple things we can do that will save you money every day but many just don't care but to earn more instead.
An entrepreneur said, Instead of finding new job which gives us higher pay, let's focus on tips on how to save money. What I do is that I bring my own cooked food at work so that I would not have to buy packed food which costs more money. We conduct carpool so instead of us only paying for gas it is divided among us and my husband's office mate.
Another said Since our refrigerator does not contain lots of food, I unplug it around 11 pm and re plug it around 6 am. That way we can save electricity and also save my money for electric charges.
Every payroll, I save 1k in another bank account and do not spend it. How about you guys, how do you save money to help your budget?
I use to drive my vehicle to office, but have now started using public transport with monthly pass due to hike in gas prices. This has allowed to travel in ease and also save me a good deal every month. Now I don't drive my vehicle and also no parking fee.With this I've saved my extra money.See investment useful ideas
When I am visit the shops in my town I walk instead of driving and I am able to save some money on gas that way. I love buy coffee in a coffee shop, but I have cut back on the money that I spend there. I make my own coffee instead. I have also cut back on the money that I spend on other things like ice cream or candy, and I am able to save quite a lot of money that way.
My husband and I usually eat a home and we cook our food. We shop in the discount shops instead of the expensive supermarkets.We can't get everything there, but we can get most of the groceries that we need. When we buy food for our pets we buy huge bags instead of many small bags,
You are so right! Many people don't ever think about paying less or look for ways to save money like switching off the TV instead of turning it off using the remote control; specially overnight.
Don't use the car and take a walk! I see many people taking the car to drive for one minute!! What is that? 5 minute walk seems to be too much for them.Instead i save the money meant  for transport.
This is a very good idea. Some things we do to save money are to make sure all of the lights are off when we leave a room, unplug all non-essential appliances when not in use, make sure no water is running in sinks or toilets, take shorter showers, turn off the water when brushing teeth and reusing things such as containers as often as possible. We also try to plan our errands wisely so that we are driving the shortest distance possible on any given trip
Yes, i think with the simple tips above on how one can save extra money which is important we try and do as other money earners and entrepreneurs have just done Thanks


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