Top Highest Paid Athletes -- Forbes

Forbes Magazine just release its latest ranking for the biggest money making sportsmen in the world based on their performance in the past 12months.A few number of changes were seen based on the last world ranking where these big boys makes so much money and while some didn't make quite much leaving Floyd Mayweather Jr occupy the first on the list of highest earners with $85 million.See Top highest paying site.

Forbes Ranking order :
10.Peyton Manning       : 42.4million.
 9. Christiano Ronaldo   : $42.5 million.
 8. David Beckham         : $44 million.
 7. Phill Mickelson          : $ 47.8 million
 6  Kobe Bryant              : $52.3 million
 5. Roger Federer           : $52.7 million
 4. Lebron James            : $53 million
 3. Tiger Wood                : $59.4 million
 2. Manny Paquiao          : $62 million
 1. Floyd Mayweather Jr : $85 million

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