How to work with is a good websites which allows highly skilled freelance writers from all around the world to submit  their works and get paid for it.Their main goal is to give writing professionals an opportunity to write according to their level of expertise and get paid for it.This site never exchange information about our writers with other companies or websites. Our writers work as a team of highly competitive individuals, with a great share of respect for each other. One of the great things about our company is that our writers do not need to be citizens of the United States or even have a work permit. We value people for their abilities, not for their citizenship or status.See how to work with websanswers
In order to qualify as a writer you must, first of all, have a valid email address and a phone number (preferably, cell-phone) that you can be reached by and good in English language.
When you read our payment terms section and it agree with it, and if you feel yourself as a perfect candidate for the job, please take a moment to sign up as a writer. Once the application has been submitted and reviewed, our human resource team representative will get in touch with you, by sending out a short test assignment just to get a basic idea of your skills.
Once your application is approved, you will be granted access to the writer's area, also known as orderbox. It is a password-protected area of the website where our registered writers take available assignments into production. You will be sent a set of instructions on how to use your personal orderbox by email. However, everything is pretty much self-explanatory. Besides, there will be hints and FAQ system to help you around.
Order processing procedure
Assignments are called orders in your orderbox, since you will be paid money to complete them. Once logged in, click on "available orders" link to view a list of assignments available for pick-up. When you choose an assignment, click on "Request order" button to notify our staff that you are willing to complete this order.You need to treat your orders very seriously. Do not pick up the order that you cannot complete. Please read carefully the assignment criteria and instructions before you proceed.
Payment terms and conditions
When filling out an application, please specify your preferred method of payment. We work with hundreds of writers world-wide and have tens of payment solutions to work with. The fact that we did not specify it in the application does not mean that we will not work with it. We are real people and can be flexible towards our mutual satisfaction.Also read how to work with triond . currently support paypal,western union,bank wire,and payoneer mastercard for payments.
Payment methods, wages and procedures
Our wages vary from $5 to $20 per page, depending on the difficulty of the assignment. In cases when the order is not completed in the time frame specified, or requires revisions because of the writer's fault, wages may be cut to the extent of the customer's dissatisfaction. If the completed order is proven to be plagiarized, it will not be paid, and there might be a fine, depending on the amount of plagiarism in the paper. Copied (stolen) orders will be rejected if found and violators will be suspended.
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