How to care for your Blackberry

Taking care of your Blackberry not only makes it look good but also makes it last longer.The best way to care or a maintain a Blackberry is to make sure its performance and memory is well managed.This practice will make the phone work faster.and smoother.See how to care for your Ipad.
To make your blackberry work faster or run smoothly, you need to clear out Event Log which tracks everything the Blackberry does in order to help with debugging and troubleshooting.To do this, hold the Alt key and type Lglg to bring up the Event log screen.Press Menu key and select Clear log then "Delete", To get back to Home screen press Escape
Another way to care for your Blackberry is to increase the speed of Web Browser by clearing out the cache.Open your Browser, click on Menu key and select "Options" select cache operations.Click clear "history" then click all the "Clear button" below.Answer yes it pops pushed contents and press Escape to return to the Browser.This will help speed up your browsing speed
Lastly, strong Blackberry Antivirus software should be install on the phone to help prevent unwanted stuffs or viruses from spreading on the phone.This is another way to care for your phone since your Blackberry phone is more like your palmtop computer, so it needs proper care too.
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