How to be wise

Wisdom is the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge one has.But I thought of this question;how to be wise? I figured out that its takes a lot for one to be wise and also become a wise man.I see that wisdom goes through several multilateral process within the brain from information transmitted into it from the outside.Through my findings,i came up with the following tips on how to be wise and the steps to attain wisdom listed below:
1.Strive to know what you don't know,what you cannot do,what you hate,what is false,what to let go,what to let stay and you shall be wise.It is necessary to forget your failures and move ahead for success.Read this tips about faillure and see how dangerous it is to embrace failure.
2.Put time and knowledge to proper use and see the change.
3.You must be prepared to think wisely,to read and to be scientific in thinking.
4.You must be prepared
to work and reason like a wise man but this can be achieved by the way you think
5.A wise man not only sit back and expect wisdom but work more for the change,it means you must work to get the change but know yourself and master yourself makes you wiser.
6.Learn to ask logical questions logically,answer logical questions logically and see the wisdom of other people as your strength.
7.Learn from fools,sluggards,ants,errors,foolishness and mistakes of other people.
8.Develop yourself in knowledge to know good and evil which is the real weapon of a wise man in judgement and its environment as a whole
9.You can also get wisdom by love,honesty,calmness,good deeds,kindness,trustworthiness etc all these virtues necessitate your acceptance into the realm of wisdom.
10.One can also be wise by making a wise man your mentor by studying and imitating his ways.To get some tips about mentors, read who is a mentor.
 All these tips about wisdom and getting wise is just for you to read and practice all the ideas above and see how fast people will see you and call you wise person.Don't forget to subscribe below to get fresh and updated post from earnonlineng.Thank you.


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