Who is a failure

Failure is well known to be a general experience which may be encountered in life,at home,at work,in the office and in so many places.Failure is a total collapse of anything we do to expect success but later becomes a sour.Any man who has fail feel rejected and disappointed especially in business,academics or health.
What is failure
Failure is what occurs when an individual is prevented from achieving success,when a system is not working properly or when an individual is prevented from reaching a desired goal.Failure causes rejection,low self esteem,disappointment,sickness,ignorance,lack of recognitions or even death.You can also read up how to forsake your flimsy excuse now before we continue
Types of failure
1.Business failure e.g failed company or down business
2.Academic failures e.g F9,or much more low grade in school
3.Health failure e.g kidney failure,liver failure,heart failure etc
5.Ignorance and etc
As a failure
now,even as a failure in any area of life,life goes on.i was once a failure but am sure the factors below help me and i was able to manage my failure
1.always admit life without failure is inevitable but can be managed or prevented
2.always cultivate the habit of self discipline and self control
3.always believe you are the solution to your problem
4.always make your self happy
5.always believe in yourself,your actions and your job
6.make yourself happy at all times
7.start small and with time you will become great
8.believe everyone will not follow your vision due to lack of information,disagree or jealousy.
9.learn new ways to tackle the area you have failed
10.avoid pessimistic overview of matter
11.you might get frustrated,manage it by tolerance and self control
12.find alternative ways
13.go for counseling for experience people in your field
14.have a plan B just in case you fail,you can easily switch to plan B from plan A
15.lastly, go to God.the sure way to manage or cope with failure is to go God.He's the Almighty and able to solve all things.Mind you that your failure will be reverted back to success with him and him alone.
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  1. nice article for those who has once fial and need to move on,i like this brother.am lawal


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