what is stumbleupon

This is a social bookmarking site which allows you to get some good information about a site,topics,links,contents or info in respect to your interest.stumbleupon is a site which helps to discover new things,news,sites etc.It allows free music and video downloads and also help provide answers to various searched topics.This site is also a great tool to promote your site due to the activities of other stumblers or researchers on your site.They share your content,promote,leave comments and also add your link as their favorite.For other good bookmarking sites see this
Stumbleupon and your site
There are so many advantages of becoming a member of stumbleupon and using it with your site especially for traffic,they are listed;
1.it enable other stunmblers or users to share your content
2. it allows users to like your site or link
3.your site becomes popular even on search engines
4.as a site owner integration of stumbleupon gadget helps the site grow and easily viewed
5.your content or site may be used for research purpose all over the world
6.your site will gain more exposure by recommendation from other stumblers
7.your site gains traffic and more rating
If you aren't a site owner or a blogger you can also get some interesting topics on this site for research or wisdom.if you care to start blogging then read this
I strongly believe the last point here which talks about traffic is just too important to be ignored because your site will be recommended to other stumblers or even on search engines which brings traffic to your site.you can stumble my likes here and see how it works.
If you care about traffic for your site or you want to download some free music,feel free to sign up with stumbleupon.Also get more blogging tips now.
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  1. have you heard of digg and reddit,do they give traffic for real like stumbleupon? am smith

  2. yes if you post your article on their sites,it works


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