Pure water business generates 7bn daily by nafdac

The Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drugs Control,Dr Paul Orhii, has described pure water business as a huge business that generates more than 7bn daily for Nigeria.The NAFDAC boss said the advent of the trade had alleviated poverty and reduced the incidence of water-borne diseases in the county.He said, many pure water manufacturers must be very careful despite its relatively cheap but to ensure to check the quality of the product through market sampling and surveys.
The NAFDAC boss also expresses worry over faking of registration numbers on food and pharmaceutical products in the country.Due to this development,the agency had introduce sms verification and other coding methods that defy faking to reduce consumers' risk of purchasing fake products in the market and he urges consumers to patronize only registered stores.
He urges manufacturers and dealers of pure water,drugs and other related products to desist from illegal activities like fake products in order to do well in this business.
our findings
1.the business is relatively cheap to set up
2.it cost low capital for start up
3.not huge labor is required
4.it eradicates poverty
5.it creates more jobs for the unemployed
6.it increases foreign exchange for the country
7.the marketing strategy is requires less stress
8.not necessarily a big plot of land but clean environment
9.define your channel of waste disposal
10.you stand to gain more than to lose
11.feel free to read this on how to start a business
He said"our fight is to bring international standard to bear on the state of our pharmaceutical companies and not only will to attainment of the WHO per-qualification lead to creation of more than 26,000 jobs and foreign exchange earnings. from punchnews
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  1. Dayo, this is a good business. I believe that the pure water business in Nigeria will continue to grow at a steady rate for some years to come. But one of the thing I don't like about we Nigerians is that we always focus on one direction.
    We need to broading our thinking on businesses and stop doing or concentrating on what everyone is doing.


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