How to care for an ipad

An ipad is also known as a line of tablet computers designed as a platform for audio-visual media including books,movies,music,games,internet etc.From first model to ipad 2 and ipad 3 all with an improved gadget and highly defined functions.The screen of an ipad is made of glass and it has a special oleophobic coating to protect it from fingerprint and the various ways of protecting an ipad are listed below.If you need to chat freely using your mobile,then read this about whatsapp messenger apps

How to care for an ipad
1.Don't drop it on hard surfaces because it can break
2.Always clean the screen with a soft,slight and damp cloth.
3.Do not clean an ipad with a window cleaner,aerosol spray, alcohol or abrasives.
4.You can also wear a skin a protector
5.Care for your batteries by replacing the old worn out with new ones
6.You can also care for the batteries by charging 100% and run out completely
7.Keep an ipad out of heat above 95 degrees for an extended period of time
8. Keep an ipad out of water or extremely humid locations
9.Do not dry it with an external heat source or hair dryers
10.Jamming things into the port connectors could render it unstable and void the warranty
11.You can get a case,sleeve,folio or bag in order to keep it save while traveling or just for everyday use.
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