How to start a business

The act of buying and selling of goods or services called business may be categorized into small scale or large scale business.But the introduction of the internet has also create another type of business called the online business.But the small scale businesses are more common in many countries due to its size,problems,advantages,benefits and source of funding are all easy to manage.Any one can start a small scale business with a little capital but the large scale business has a bigger size of employees and cant easily be setup by small individual with low capital.But either large or small,anyone going into business must consider the following questions and see if he/she can work it out.
Things to consider before starting a business of business:getting a business name not only shows the business is registered but gives an impression that your business is not a scam.The name of the business makes it save for investors or sponsors to come invest in need to register your business,give it an uncommon business name and get started. to register your business name:this is a very simple step to do,just visit the corporate affairs unit or website for your company registration and get it registered. license:special edible product like foods and drinks need an approval from the food and regulatory varies from countries to countries but anyone planning to go into business need a business license for its operation entrepreneur who intends to start a business must have a good knowledge of the business and should be able to ask questions from mentors or other people on the same field of business.Its important to know everything about the business which could be the good.the bad and the ugly side of the business
5.choosing the right business: the best lucrative type of business is to solve people problems,i believe if an entrepreneur can find a solution to particular problem of an area,then that is the best form of business. business without marketing is a waste of time,marketing is a soul of business which can be inform of word of mouth,Internets e.g google adwords and facebook adverts,blogs,banners,t.v and radio how to advertise for free here
7.contribution to the environment:has your environment benefited greatly from your product?has my product or services ever harm anyone?do you receive feedback from your users?all these questions need good and qualitative answers to achieve success.
8.source of funding:the best source of capital should be considered,some which include personal savings,bank loan,grant from private organizations,self financing,partnerships etc

9.source of materials:a well research work should be done based on the source of raw materials.fake or counterfeit material should be prohibited and also ensures it never run short of stock in any season or time
10.patient:well many individual want to become a rich and successful entrepreneur in a short period but its never only need to work hard,take the necessary steps and you never need to rush will always get better and better by the day.
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  1. Angella: well this is great and informative but the last thing you also need to add is prayer because every business need this because it helps.


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