how i added facebook send button to my site

There is no doubt that every site or blog owners needs to insert facebook send button on their site inorder for thier content to be shared easily among members or friends.But the one am going to show you here is the facebook send button and how to install it on my blogger site.Follow the same instruction and that is all you need.
How to get started
1.login to your blogger account on the new blogger interface
2.go to template
3.just beneath it,click on edit html
4.carefully click on expand widget Ctrl+F your keyboard
6.type and locate <body:post.body/>
7.highlight the code below

<div id="fb-root"></div><script src=""></script><fb:send href="" font="verdana"></fb:send>
8.paste the code you copied above,just below
9.And save.
you will see the facebook send button below your blog post.
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