How to forsake your flimsy excuses

George Washington carver said 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.Most human being are fond of fetching excuses to justify failure and some setbacks making up some excuses.if you must be successful this year,you need to totally erase this concept of excuses.Excuses only bring you down and ensuring you never rise again but with these points below,you can equally rise and move forward.If you really want to discover yourself then you need to read this post on how to discover yourself
Getting rid of flimsy excuses not be complacent:complacency is an act of becoming satisfied with little achievements.over the years,studies has shown that complacent people are never great achiever or business men.because great achiever will always want to learn more,work more,see more which will later leads to good transformation and more not make yourself a local champion but an international achiever who stands to gain a lot
2.pray for change:irrespective of your believe or religion,prayer is the key for change.when the goings get tough and it seems there is no way especially in your business,then pray for change and see how your failures will automatically be transformed into success. with the problems:one has to identify a problem,list them according to their importance for instance,lack of money,lack of food,lack of shelter,how to make money,want to give birth etc having listed them,see if it can be prevented just like lack of money can be controlled be cutting down unnecessary spending s and lack of job can also be prevented by skill acquisition.Another way of dealing with a problem is the power of God in line with the power of positive thinking. for change:i strongly believe another way to get rid of flimsy excuse is to work harder.working harder does not necessarily mean working to die but doing the right thing at the right time at work.working harder also reduces idleness and laziness.idleness is like wasting away the time meant to do reasonable things.simply replace idleness and laziness with hard work and you will be glad you did.
I think i've been able to show you some little tips on how to forget about the past failures and move ahead.take the following steps as discussed above and see the works for those who cares.
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