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Online translation is simply the ability of an individual to interprete contents,articles,note etc to the preferred language as required by the client,internet translation services is on high demand because so many companies needs the services of good writers,translators,proofreaders and editors to do most of their work for them.Its a simple process,just register with the site,get approved,get jobs and start interpretting the article or web content.
 Translators' requirement
1. internet connected computer
2. credentials or academic records
3. method of payment
4. proofs of previous writings
5. multiple language interpretetation
6. Many companies preferred the paypal as a form of payment after the job is submitted for approval
Available jobs
1. we-translate:this site seeks your application letter to become a translator in their company provided you state your personal information,language translated from and into,method of payment etc.if you have the following requirements then apply here
2. africantranslate: this site seek professionals who can translate or interprete documents into languages like swahili,hausa,yoruba,igbo,amharic,arabic,french,italian,language,dan,kirundi,somali,ndebele,etc.if you think you can speak some of this language,then feel free to apply here
3.researchinc :this company is looking for a translators and freelancers who are ready to work and get paid for their efforts.Pay is on a per-project basis. You choose what projects you wish to write and a check goes out weekly for those projects you have completed. All projects have their pay rate attached, but as an example a typical undergraduate-level 4 page paper (8 double-spaced pages) will pay $65-160. deadlines.
Contact: If interested, please send an email with a resume (or your academic credentials and contact information) and a writing sample or samples, preferably academic and research-oriented, to If we are interested in you, we will respond quickly. 
4. languageline
Will provide translation services for various clients ranging from Financial to Transportation.
Requirements: Must be proficient in English and in another non-English language.
More information and how to apply as an interpreter read here.
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