Top 10 adsense sharing site

Earning cash with google adsense on your site is one sure way in online business but can be encouraged by participating in some adsense revenue sharing site.This process is aimed at improving your adsense revenue by posting some content on the sites and the revenue made from your content will be shared based on percentage which ranges from 50% to 100%.Its simply means you create a topic or content on their site,the audience participate and any income from the ads shown will be shared between you and the site.If you need google adsense approval tips please read this.
Top list of adsense sharing site 
1.squidoo:this is a good social site with high paying percentage of income based on number of valid click of of ad your content.
2.Flixya:this is a good site which accepts contents ranging from photos,videos and some blogging revenue sharing income is totally 100%
3.hubpages:this is another good site with a good revenue sharing income.this site allows you to post or write articles on any topic of your choice.simply signup and start posting with hubpages.
4.funadvice:this is a revenue sharing site that allows you to give advice to their viewers.its revenue sharing formula is 100% which is good for you.
5.yousaytoo:this is a good adsense sharing site that allows you to post and get some income
6.xomba:this is an adsense revenue sharing site that gives 50% of the total revenue based on your post,content and links shared mainly on social networking
7.squidstop:this site allows you to post interesting topics,share links and and good news.the revenue shared is 50% for also act as a social network site
8.stockvault :this is an adsense revenue sharing site that make you grow either as a photographer or if you only love to take pictures for money.the sharing percentage is100%.
9. bloggerparty : this is a blogging community that shares adsense revenue at simply share your blogging experience and links as content.
10 shareyourexpertise :this is an article related adsense sharing site which allows you to post and share latest gist or information and the sharing percentage for this site is 100%.
I think with this list above,i've been able to show you good information about the top rated adsense sharing site even without a website.Its fun trying these site,read more about them,google for more and begin to write and post your content with them.Feel free to visit earnonlineng for more free updates about online jobs and various ways to earn.register your email at the subscription box below to get latest updates from us.Thanks


  1. guy,i love this article but hubpages needs adsense ID.maybe i will go for squidoo instead.john gboyega

  2. pls check your mail dayo,i want you to send me some info relating to flixya.pls...john

  3. thanks a lot for helpful,
    i want share my exprience ,
    Tiny URL with adsense share revenue 100%.


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