Google adsense is an online advertising program where site owners are allowed to place ads on their site and the site owner earn or make money based on any valid click on the ads.But there some factors that need to be considered before applying for adsense.Just follow the steps and see the change.
1.age: how long the blog has being in existence determines its approval into adsense for instance a 2weeks old blog may not be approved of adsense but a blog of 2-3month old looks eligible for approval
2.content: more original content needs to be posted on the site and avoidance of duplicated content should be observed.original content enhance google to place their ads on the just make the content unique.
3.adsense policy: site must avoid various google prohibited contents like sex,religion,pornography,sport betting,reading emails,alcohol,racism,hacking etc see more here
4 traffic: new site needs pageviews and popularity,its mandatory the site ensures a reasonable daily pageviews and visitors.this can enhance a speedy approval of adsense.
5. seo :the power of search engine optimization cannot be ignored because its makes the site to be easily found on search engines.So the site needs to be submitted to search engines like google,yahoo and bing
6. backlinks:creating a link back by commenting on top sites,forums,group leaving your url will make those site link to your site,also by linking your post within pages of your site also enhance your adsense approval
7. social networks:your site needs to be popular among social networks like twitter,facebook,google plus etc.this helps your ranking and can increase the number of visitors on your blog daily.take some sharing your post on these sites.
8. adverts: partcipating on online advertising programs like facebook adverts and google adword helps boost your popularity and visitors and i want to let you know that in just a litlte time,your adsense will be approved.for free adverts read this post.
I strongly believe that,if you can follow the steps described above,adsense will be approved in a little time for your site.feel free to visit earnonlineng regularly to updates about online business and ideas and dont forget to subscribe below for fresh updates.Thanks


  1. Yes its okay but there are lots of Stuff and rules regulation we have to follow that and the fact is i followed all tough my application got rejected by google :).

  2. i followed the steps above and it works

  3. Hi, thanks for your submission to Blog Carnival: Blogging: Hundred and Fifth edition. Your post is now published:

  4. Nice one bro. it was helpful. See Goat turn to human in Nassarawa Here


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