The following companies requires you to submit your curriculum vitae (cv) online and if necessary an application letter.I found it necessary to post this available jobs to you,just send your cv to the email below.Act fast before its get late,
1.wakanow vacancy: a  business development officer is required at wakanow.please send resume to careers@wakanow before it gets late wakanow vacancy 
2.Aviation vacancy :
A reputable aviation industry recruits graduates in all field.please you are required to send your cv to
3. JMG vacancy:recruits sales executives you are expected to send your cv and applications to
4.Emil recruits: Emil consulting recruits management  trainee. Please send cv and one application page to
5.brand vacancy:brand and marketing managers required in a reputable company .please send cv to
6 international vacancy:Nigeria Turkish international recruits fresh graduates into various positions especially on Human resources manager .you are required to visit.nticnigeria and complete an application form for the job.
This vacancies are fresh and have been posted by this companies for immediate submission,you only need to upload your cv to the following emails and thats all.All these are examples of our free tips sections of this blog where we provide some useful tips for your use.
And if you are interested in online jobs check here.have a nice time as you check round earnonlineng


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