Google is the biggest search engine in the world with a whole lots of program to make your business grow.Google has come up with many packages which enhances your business and free to use.The role of google cannot be neglected when you talk of online or offline business.The following program listed below will help you grow and free from google. adwords:.this is a huge advertising program which allows your poduct/services or website to be shown to millions of people which will later boost traffic or make you product popular thereby increasing your sales due huge pageviews of your product. search:this is simply a free program that allow you to search,ask,view,rate and find various answers to your project or research about any topic.just type on your browser and its ready for use.. adsense:this is an opportunity provided by google for individual to make money with their simply become a publisher with google by submitting your site and write quality contents that is in line with their policies,then you can register and start making money on every valid clicks on your site.
4. gmail :This is an email service that allows you register either personal,business or group email for are free to receive or send emails with the gmail address.simply signup for gmail,rememebr your business needs a free email account like gmail. map ;this is a free service that allows you to check the location or address of an area ranging from Africa,America,Europe,asia or even your locality.just go to google and click on the map and follow the descriptions.
6.blogger :this is a free web service that allows you to own a site and start publishing or even make a writeup about your product.mind you blogger will also allow you to register for various money making program like program like adsense and many more like see here translate:just in case you need a translator for your foreign customer but language barrier is a problem,then the solution is google translator.This program can automatically interprete all language to your preferred language without any problem.Be rest assured all your international customers will never have a language barrier with your businesss. 
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  1. google now controls the world in terms of services with this huge google products

  2. I like google, i got ma music blog from google program


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