5 best social bookmarking site

Social bookmarking sites are sites which provides internet users or site owners with opportunities to organize, store,share and manage their contents.social bookmarking makes it easy  to provide links of very useful information to the public.Its also important for site owners to signup with these sites for good increase in traffic,popularity and search engine optimization.your link will enable user to rate your site,give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.one good and important tips about the site is that they post your link on their site and on other search engines for good visibility.to learn about blogging  read this . 
The top list are; 
1.stumbleupon:this is a good social bookmarking site which allows you to search through great site or topics in respect to your interest which ranges from entertainment,banking,technology,sports,home etc.its a great tool for bloggers or site owners to increase traffic to their sites
2.delicious: this site is one of the world’s leading bookmarking site which showcase your passions,contents,links across the web which ranges from your likes e.g photos,video,articles etc. 3.digg: this site helps you to discover and share contents.that is,the most relevant to you and those in your social networks.latest news,images, 3.digg is the biggest online destination for your blog,contents,articles,news etc for maximum popularity and views. 
4.reddit: reddit is a source of new post,new events,new links and popular happenings.you vote your likes or dislikes on popular links.Users submit content via links and other users may vote the link up or down and the most popular links make it to the front page of the site 
5.diigo: diigo is a powerful bookmarking site and a knowledge sharing community where users are allowed to post their links,content and blogs for popularity and interactions  
6.technorati is an internet search engines for blogs where bloggers submit their blogs and are rated by the number unique blogs linking to the blog.Technorati is the one o the best place to submit your links and you get real page views for your site Other social bookmarking site include furl, mixx it, slashdot,fark etc.you can Google for more of this site,read their terms and conditions and start bookmarking. 
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  1. I must say this are really the best bookmarking sites out there the fact that it's stable and always has a 99.9 up-time which is very most important of all.


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