Self-discovery is a systematic approach to knowing yourself.It means knowing what you have,how to get it right, knowing what you do well and how to concentrate on it to become a great achiever in business or real life.self discovery also means how well you can can make do with what God has endowed you with and using it at the right time and also earning or making money from it.
When you realize who you are,your talent,your strength,your purpose,your energy etc will always make you achieve great success in life. Self discovery can also be achieved  once your consciousness of what the creator deposited in you to make you achieve what is destined in you.Self discovery happens when you realize your physical,physiological,mental,emotional,aesthetic,psychological and spiritual endowments are all tools for you to work with to achieve greatness in life.
            How to discover yourself
There are many ways you can discover yourself and working towards this will make a way for to achieve greatness.These are the steps to discover yourself and are discussed below;
  1. Abilities and Inabilities :In a bid to discover yourself,you need to know your likes and dislikes,strength and weakness,ability and inability,capacity and incapacity,attitude and aptitude and a few.For instance,a young man who decided to be a medical doctor must have a love for the sick and always willing to help,must be able to cope with academic rigor,must have the capacity to study for long hours and must be interested in the job naturally.The same thing applies to someone who wants to be a blogger must have all these interest in his or her ability to do that and with that,money start rolling.
  2. Your nature :You will need to understand you nature and nuture,the stuff you are made of and your will need to study the effects of your environment and how you can utilize them.Also,you will need to make conscious efforts to discover how to break barriers and subdue it difficulties around it.
  3. Your opportunties: This has to do with taking advantages of  undiscovered and unutilized things in the environments and conscious efforts must be made to exploit them to your advantage and make you successful.
  4. Your thinking patterns: Your thought about things generally determines your character and attitude.your thought can affect your success,your future,your posture and your position.Your thought is a very powerful tool to excel in life because it mould your life and provide criteria for people to describe the kind of person you are and how you can change the world with your attitude and actions.
  5. Your Brain :The human brain is the most complex part of the body and it determines the quality of life the individual will live.Different parts of the brain works differently and ensures proper coordination in the sense that the brain identifies,organizes,interprets, and responds to various sensory stimulations.Hence,your brain will help you dicover yourself ,tell you what you are made up of,what you have,what to do, and how to be successful.Also,the brain is the best working tool or condition for a successful life.Let take for example a young man who wants to design a website like, his brain will ask him if he can you make this site,can you host?you will need a domain name etc the brain of this young man will definitely provide a way and make him successful in his design.
  6. Your academic strength : A person’s academic records are also essential for consideration before you take a decision of success or a profession.A young man must be trained to be a programmer before he can go into programming and some other things.But some academics records will provide some tips whether you will be fit for such means you must be good in science and also be a graduate for you to be called a professional programmer. 
  7.   In conclusion,I have been able to make you realize that you can only be successful by self-discovery by understanding  yourself,be aware you a great ability to succeed,your academic strength ,emotional dispositions and proper usage of your natural gift from God which is your brain.Check yourself,follow these steps and you will definitely be on your way to the top.Thank you


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